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Jesus to the MAX

nigga say wah?

25 February
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3 inches of blood, 420, 80's movies, a clockwork orange, ac/dc, afi, alcohol, american history x, amélie, animal rights, animals, anti-flag, antiflag, art, beavis and butthead, beetlejuice, black label society, black sabbath, bob marley, books, boys and girls, candles, cheech and chong, children of bodom, christina aguilera, clit 45, colorful hair, cosmetology, cradle of filth, danny elfman, danzig, dave chapelle, dazed and confused, deep purple, degrassi, depeche mode, donnie darko, dreads, dream theater, drugs, edward norton, edward scissor hands, fake hair, family guy, fast times at ridgemonthigh, gizmo, guns n roses, hair dye, herb, hitler, industrial, iron maiden, jimi hendrix, joe satriani, johnny depp, kmfdm, lacuna coil, lamb of god, led zeppelin, makeup, marijuana, marilyn monroe, mary jane, mdfmk, megadeth, metallica, misfits, motley crue, mushrooms, music, nightmare before christmas, nine inch nails, ninja turtles, nirvana, oasis, old metallica, open-minds, our lady peace, pantera, party monster, photography, piercings, pink, pink floyd, porn, queen, quentin tarantino, radiohead, rainbows, rammstein, ramones, requiem for a dream, rick james, rush, scarface, sex pistols, silverchair, skinny puppy, slc punk, south park, southpark, tattoos, the beatles, the butterfly effect, the clash, the doors, the eagles, the exploited, the goonies, the notebook, the o.c., the ramones, the simpsons, thom yorke, tim burton, trailer park boys, trent reznor, tripping, vegetarianism, vinyl, weed